Big Sean – I Decided

big sean i decidedIt is tough enough for a young person to grow up today, if you try doing it in the spotlight it is next to impossible. Today we judge immediately, vocally and all over social media. Celebrities feel the wrath of our opinions (valid or not) at every turn. Rappers like Big Sean are not immune. He is still fairly young and trying to figure out his path. Not only in life, but in music. Big Sean is trying to exist and prove his worth in a time where artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Drake cast large shadows. Because of his David stature (as opposed to the aforementioned Goliaths) I tend to root for him, wanting him to do well and earn victories. He seems like a pretty nice guy. What I learnt from his latest album I Decided was that trap music is still a thing. There is plenty of it to be found here. As well as lyrical proof that he is still search inwardly for what he believes in and who he is. The content found here demonstrate how he has matured from the artist that released a song called “Dance (A$$)”. He is now writing about things like race, intelligence and age. The high point of the album is the track “No Savors” which figures a great guest appearance by another behemoth, Eminem.

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