Dynasty: The First Season

dynasty the first seasonWhen one thinks back to the 80s and television you definitely have to mention the nighttime soap opera “Dynasty”. It certainly left its mark with its catfights, shoulder pads and excesses of the upper class. The story centers around oil tycoon Blake Carrington (played by John Forsythe) is the patriarch of his very rich family living in Denver, Colorado area. The loves, lives and excesses of this family and their wide circle of acquaintances will keep you entertained.

What could be a better guilty pleasure than watching a nighttime soap opera that centers around the wealthy and features sex, greed, betrayal, and ambition? Not much, I say. Dynasty was a much watch during a big part of the eighties and as such it was an incredibly popular program that influenced style and saw many discuss it around the water cooler the next day at work. People continued to tune in to see who Alexis (played by Joan Collins) was going to go after and held their breath waiting for the day when she and Krystle (played by Linda Evans) would engage in a cat fight. Though it really was a load of schlock it was entertaining schlock and kept people riveted. Dynasty was another in a long line of similar soap operas that made creator Aaron Spelling a very wealthy man.

Special Features:

-Al Corley Character/Steven Carrington Profile

-Pamela Sue Martin Character/Fallon Carrington-Colby Profile

-Family, Furs and Fun: Creating Dynasty

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