star trek enterprise the complete seriesMany consider this Star Trek prequel the best and cancelled before its time. We begin in the 22nd century with he crew of the Enterprise getting ready for their first mission. One thing leads to another and a vessel and crew that were supposed to be explorers now become embroiled in something that is a heck of a lot more and much more dangerous. Now they are in danger from various special like Vulcans, Borg and eventually something called the Xindi. Many Star Trek fans are crossing their fingers hoping that this series will get a movie version. Watch this and see if you agree that it is worthy.

Season One:

Episode 1: Broken Bow, Part 1: Humans finally are able to explore space after having been denied access by the Vulcans.

Episode 2: Broken Bow, Part 2: Captain Jonathan Archer (played by Scott Bakula) leads the first starship, the NX-01 Enterprise, into space.

Episode 3: Fight or Flight: The Enterprise continues exploring space and comes across an alien ship that contains humanoid bodies.

Episode 4: Strange New World: The Enterprise explores a planet that does not seem to be inhabitable but certainly is dangerous.

Episode 5: Unexpected: Trip (played by Connor Trinneer) is sent on an assignment to another ship where he comes in contact with a female engineer.  When he is back the change in him is surprising.

Episode 6: Terra Nova: The crew of the Enterprise decides to veer off course and investigate Terra Nova, a colony of Earth in which the inhabitants mysteriously disappeared decades ago.

Episode 7: The Andorian Incident: The Enterprise visits an ancient Vulcan sanctuary.

Episode 8: Breaking the Ice: Trip discovers that T’Pol (played by Jolene Blalock) has been secretly transmitting messages to a Vulcan ship.

Episode 9: Civilization: Captain Archer and his crew discover that inhabitants on a planet are using technology that is responsible for widespread sickness.

Episode 10: Fortunate Son: Fortunate, a human vessel, is under attack and so Enterprise is sent to rescue it.

Episode 11: Cold Front: Captain Archer invites passengers from an alien transport vessel onboard the Enterprise to see a stellar event not realizing that he has invited an enemy onboard.

Episode 12: Silent Enemy: Enterprise is under attack by an unidentified alien ship.

Episode 13: Dear Doctor: The crew discovers a planet with two different species and one needs medical and scientific help.

Episode 14: Sleeping Dogs: Enterprise comes across a vessel just hovering in space so T’Pol, Hoshi (played by Linda Park) and Malcolm (played by Dominic Keating) board the ship to investigate.

Episode 15: Shadows of P’Jem: The crew is upset that T’Pol has been ordered by the Vulcan High Command to leave Enterprise.

Episode 16: Shuttlepod One: Trip and Malcolm leave the Enterprise on a mission via shuttlepod but find getting back a little problematic.

Episode 17: Fusion: A group of civilian Vulcans who have split off from the pack because they want to explore their emotions comes in contact with the Enterprise.

Episode 18: Rogue Planet: While exploring a planet Captain Archer is preoccupied by visions of a woman who seems vaguely familiar.

Episode 19: Acquisition: The crew of the Enterprise is gassed and robbed by a group of pirate-like aliens.

Episode 20: Oasis: While on board a crashed vessel looking for parts with which to repair Enterprise, the crew comes across some ghost-like beings.

Episode 21: Detained: Captain Archer and Mayweather (played by Anthony Montgomery) are held prisoner by the Tandarans after they enter a military zone.

Episode 22: Vox Sola: An alien creature comes aboard Enterprise and captures several crew members in its cocoon-like web.

Episode 23:  Fallen Hero:  A Vulcan ambassador has been expelled due to misconduct and the Enterprise is given the mission to pick him up.

Episode 24: Desert Crossing: Captain Archer and Trip are lured to a planet under false pretences.

Episode 25: Two Days and Two Nights: While on leave to Riva Captain Archer, Hoshi, Travis, Malcolm and Trip all have very different experiences.

Episode 26: Shockwave, Part 1: After the Enterprise seems to have caused the destruction of an alien planet they are ordered home.

Special Features: Cast Introduction, In Conversation: Rick Berman and Bannon Braga, Network Presentation, Syndication Presentation, Creating Enterprise, O Captain! My Captain! A Profile of Scott Bakula, NX-01 File 02, Deleted Scenes, Text Commentary, Cast Impressions: Season One, Enterprise Secrets, Star Trek Time Travel: Temporal Cold Wars and Beyond, Admiral Forrest Takes Center Stage, Inside Shuttlepod One, NX-01 01, NX-01 03, On the Set, Enterprise Outtakes, To Boldly Go: Launching Enterprise, Part One: Countdown, To Boldly Go: Launching Enterprise, Part Two: Boarding the NX-01, To Boldly Go: Launching Enterprise, Part Three: First Flight, Celebrating Star Trek

Season Two:

Episode 1: Shockwave, Part 2: Archer and Daniels (played by Matt Winston) have to make their way back to the 22nd century to ensure things happen as they should. This is rendered very difficult as Earth has been ravaged and time portals have been destroyed.

Episode 2: Carbon Creek: How the Vulcans made their first contact with Earth in the 1950s. T’Pol (played by Jolene Blalock) tells the tale of a Vulcan ship that crash landed in Pennsylvania in 1957.

Episode 3: Minefield: The Enterprise is exploring a new planet when it trips a cloaked mine. While the crew is trying to repair the damage they discover another.

Episode 4: Dead Stop: A Romulan minefield has caused damage of the Enterprise which the crew cannot repair. Archer decides to put out a distress signal.

Episode 5: A Night in Sickbay: Porthos visits an alien planet and returns to the ship having contracted a deadly virus. Archer spends a night in sickbay with him.

Episode 6: Marauders: The Enterprise visits a mining colony as it is in need of fuel. While there the crew discover that the colony is being controlled by the Klingons.

Episode 7: The Seventh: T’Pol is contacted by the Vulcan High Commander.  Archer, T’Pol and Mayweather (played by Anthony Montgomery) pursue a fugitive in an arctic world.

Episode 8: Archer and Reed (played by Dominic Keating) time travel to a pre warp time. There they find themselves in the middle of an outbreak of war due to a lost communicator.

Episode 9: Singularity: While in a trinity star system the Enterprise attempts to survey a black hole. Soon the black hole begins to have strange effects on the crew.

Episode 10: Vanishing Point: Hoshi (played by Linda Park) experiences her first transporter. Afterwards she begins to have strange side effects which lead her to believe that she wasn’t reassembled correctly.

Episode 11: Precious Cargo: Trip (played by Connor Trinneer) boards an alien vessel in order to help with repairs. There he discovers a beautiful woman who is being held prisoner.

Episode 12: The Catwalk: A neutronic storm is approaching and the Enterprise has to seek shelter. Once it finds it, Archer and the crew take in an alien people who are not exactly the most honest people.

Episode 13: Dawn: During a shuttlepod test Trip is attacked by aliens. He is forced to seek shelter on the night side of the moon.

Episode 14: Stigma: The Enterprise travels to a planet that is hosting an Interspecies Medical Exchange. Dr. Phlox (played by John Billingsley) tries to find out some information about a terminal disease without letting on that T’Pol has contracted it.

Episode 15: Cease Fire: A conflict starts up when both the Vulcans and Andorians lay claim to the same planet. The Vulcans then communicate they are interested in negotiating a cease fire.

Episode 16: Future Tense: The Enterprise comes across a drifting craft. Inside they discover a human body.

Episode 17: Canamar: Archer and Tucker are wrongly arrested and put on a transport to the planet Canamar. One of the prisoners aboard the ship plans to take it over.

Episode 18: The Crossing: Aliens without bodies possess the bodies of the crew of the Enterprise.

Episode 19: Judgment: Archer is accused of crimes against the Klingon Empire. He is put on trial.

Episode 20: Horizon: Every time Travis goes home there is conflict. He gets in fights with the ship’s new captain, his brother.

Episode 21: The Breach: Militants take over a planet and the Enterprise tries to evacuate geologist that are deep underground. A dying Antaran refuses treatment from Dr. Phlox due to the conflicts between the two races.

Episode 22: Cogenitor: The Enterprise makes its first contact with the Vissians. They are a species with three genders.

Episode 23: Regeneration: A research team in the Arctic discover parts of a ship and two frozen bodies. Once thawed the two make their escape.

Episode 24: First Flight: Archer tells T’Pol the story of the competition he had with A.G. Robinson (played by Keith Carradine) to break the warp 2 barrier.

Episode 25: Bounty: After being captured by a bounty hunter, Archer learns that the Klingons have put a price on his head. A virus causes T’Pol to go into early Pon Farr.

Episode 26: The Expanse: The Xindi attack Earth. There are many deaths and destruction. The Enterprise returns home.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, In Conversation: The First Crew, Season 2 Promo, Archival Mission Logs: Enterprise Moments – Season Two, Archival Mission Logs: Enterprise Profile – Jolene Blalock

Season Three:

Episode 1: The Xindi: Captain Archer and the crew of the Enterprise head off in search of the Xindi.  Commander Tucker (played by Connor Trinneer) is having trouble sleeping.

Episode 2: Anomaly: A weird anomaly begins disrupting things on the Enterprise. Captain Archer and an away team take a shuttle to investigate an immense sphere in order to try and recover things stolen from them.

Episode 3: Extinction: Captain Archer and an away team travel to a planet that a Xindi ship crashed on. Once there the away team begins to experience strange transformations.

Episode 4: Rajiin: T’Pol (played by Jolene Blalock) is using a Vulcan method to help Tucker to sleep. Other members of the crew are gossiping that more is going on between the two senior officers.

Episode 5: Impulse: Tucker tells Captain Archer that the crew needs some R&R. The Enterprise receives a distress call from a Vulcan ship and they set off to help them.

Episode 6: Exile: Ensign Hoshi Sato (played by Linda Park) believes she is seeing things that are not there. Soon a telepath reveals himself and offers his help locating the Xindi.

Episode 7: The Shipment: The five Xindi species are very close to finishing the building of the weapon; they are a few weeks away from completion. The telepath has given the Enterprise coordinates of a planet with a Xindi colony, so Captain Archer and an away team take a shuttle to investigate.

Episode 8: Twilight: Captain Archer wakes up much older and not on Enterprise rather living with T’Pol on a planet. She tells him it is twelve years later and they were caught in an anomaly that affected his memory.

Episode 9: North Star: Captain Archer, T’Pol and Tucker have traveled to a planet where there is a human/alien settlement that is much like the Old West. They look into what is going on in the settlement.

Episode 10: Similitude: While trying to perform improvements on the engine so Enterprise can stay in warp longer Commander Tucker is injured. He is in a coma and Dr. Phlox (played by John Billingsley) is not sure he will survive.

Episode 11: Carpenter Street: A human is supplying the Xindi with human subjects. Someone from the 30thcentury called Daniels (played by Matt Winston) revisits Captain Archer to tell him that the Xindi are in Detroit, Michigan 150 years ago meaning the 21st century.

Episode 12: Chosen Realm: After the Enterprise rescues a few Triannon they realize that their guests have ulterior motives for being there. Captain Archer and the rest of the crew become prisoners on their own ship.

Episode 13: Proving Ground: While going through an anomaly the Enterprise is rescued by Commander Shran (played by Jeffrey Combs) and his Andorian ship. Captain Archer then reluctantly allows the Andorians on board to aid in the repairs.

Episode 14: Stratagem: Years after the Xindi weapon destroyed Earth the Insectoids begin killing off the other Xindi species. Archer and Degra (played by Randy Oglesby) are put in the same cell then manage to break out only Degra doesn’t remember anything.

Episode 15: Harbinger: The Enterprise is heading towards the coordinates of the Red Giant given to them by Degra. Reed (played by Dominic Keating) and Major Hayes (played  by Steven Culp) see eye to eye on precious little.

Episode 16: Doctor’s Orders: Dr. Phlox puts the crew all in an unconscious state and takes over complete control of Enterprise. For several days Archer’s dog Porthos is his only companion besides T’Pol.

Episode 17: Hatchery: Captain Archer and an away team investigate Azati Prime after discovering a Xindi ship there. On it they find a hatchery – offspring of the Xindi crew.

Episode 18: Azati Prime: Once at Azati Prime the Enterprise discovers a convoy of Xindi ships being led by Degra. He is there to show the Xindi council that the weapon is ready.

Episode 19: Damage: The Enterprise, now under T’Pol’s command, is trying to recover from the Xindi attack. Captain Archer tries to convince a few Xindi that humans are not their enemy.

Episode 20: The Forgotten: T’Pol is having to adjust to her new emotions. Archer is trying to prove to Degra that he is telling the truth.

Episode 21: E2: The Enterprise is traveling through a nebula to meet up with the Xindi Council. They come into contact with a ship labeled as the Enterprise whose captain tells them to turn around.

Episode 22: The Council: The Sphere Builders are aware the Xindi, notably Degra, are turning away from them. T’Pol leads an away team to investigate one of the spheres.

Episode 23: Countdown: The Reptilians have taken control of the weapon and are preparing to launch it. Hoshi has been taken by the Reptilians.

Episode 24: Zero Hope: Archer, Reed and Sato prepare to board the weapon in order to stop it from destroying Earth. Tucker and T’Pol head to Sphere 41 in order to disrupt the entire system of spheres.

Special Features: The Xindi Saga Begins, Enterprise Moments: Season Three, In a time of War – Part One: Call to Arms, Part Two: Front Lines, Part Three: Final Conflict, Temporal Cold War:  Declassified, Enterprise Profile: Connor Trinneer, A Day in the Life of a Director: Roxann Dawson, Behind the Camera: Marvin Rush, Enterprise Secrets, Outtakes, Photo Gallery

Season Four:

Episode 1: Storm Front, Part One: Archer and his crew find themselves back in 1944. The Temporal Cold War ends up affecting World War II.

Episode 2: Storm Front, Part Two: Archer aided by Silik (played by John Fleck) tries to locate the temporal operative that altered Earth’s past. The change might destroy all of time.

Episode 3: Home: Enterprise returns to Earth to a large welcome. All the things he has gone through in the Expanse run through Archer’s mind.

Episode 4: Borderland, Part One: Arik Soong (played by Brent Spiner) is brought aboard the Enterprise. He is to help locate some genetically enhanced humans he created with some stolen DNA.

Episode 5: Cold Station 12, Part Two: Soong returns to Cold Station 12 where he once worked. At this medical facility lots of genetically enhanced embryos are being stored.

Episode 6: The Augments, Part Three: The Augments rebel against their creator. Then they attempt to start a war between the Klingons and Humans.

Episode 7: The Forge, Part One: Earth’s embassy on Vulcan is bombed. The Syrrannites, a religious faction, are the primary suspects.

Episode 8: Awakening, Part Two: Archer and the T’Pol (played by Jolene Blalock) locate the Syrrannites. What they don’t know is that there is more than terrorism going on.

Episode 9: Kir’Shara, Part Three: Archer, T’Pol and T’Pau (played by Kara Zediker) attempt to bring a religious artifact to the Vulcan High Council. Trip (played by Connor Trinneer) and Soval (played by Gary Graham) bring the Enterprise to Andoria in order to convince Shran (played by Jeffrey Combs) to help them stop a war.

Episode 10: Daedalus: Emory Erickson (played by Bill Cobbs), the man who invented the transporter, boards the Enterprise in order to do a risky experiment. How far Archer will go is the question.

Episode 11: Observer Effect: The Enterprise Crew is being closely observed by non-corporeal aliens. Their attention is grabbed when a fatal viral infection is brought on board via an away mission.

Episode 12: Babel One, Part One: Enterprise travels to Babel carrying a Tellarite ambassador for the purpose of peace talks with the Andorians. Shran sends out a distress call.

Episode 13: United, Part Two: Archer tries to unite the Andorians, Vulcans and Tellarites. The region’s peace is being threatened by a marauder ship.

Episode 14: The Aenar, Part Three: Archer travels to Shran’s homeworld. He is there looking for a subspecies named Aenar.

Episode 15: Affliction, Part One: The Columbia is being launched on Earth and so the Enterprise returns. Phlox (played by John Billingsley) is kidnapped and forced to help the Klingons deal with a serious threat.

Episode 16: Divergence, Part Two: The crew on the Enterpise has to deal with an act of sabotage. The Columbia helps figure out what has happened to Phlox.

Episode 17: Bound: Archer gets three Orion Slave Girls as a reward for his help in negotiations with the Orion Syndicate. Soon the entire crew other than T’Pol and Trip fall under their influence.

Episode 18: In a Mirror, Darkly, Part One: While in a mirror universe, Archer leads a mutiny against Captain Forrest (played by Vaughn Armstrong). His purpose is to capture a future Earth ship that is found Tholian space.

Episode 19: In a Mirror, Darkly, Part Two: Archer forcefully takes over command of the 23rd century ship, Defiant. He has ulterior motives for doing so.

Episode 20: Demons, Part One: A xenophobic portion of Earth’s population attempts to get in the way of a plan for a coalition of planets. Their plan involves the creation of a hybrid human/Vulcan species.

Episode 21: Terra Prime, Part Two: Starfleet Command is under threat from a human isolationist. He wants all aliens to leave Earth or else.

Episode 22: These Are the Voyages…: Commander William Riker (played by Jonathan Frakes) is experiencing divided loyalty between Captain Picard (voiced by Patrick Stewart) and his former captain (voiced by William Shatner). In order to figure things out he takes to the holodeck in order to experience firsthand Enterprise NX-01’s last mission.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Extended Scenes, Script Gallery: Original Ending, Enterprise Moments: Season Four, Archival Mission Log: Inside the Mirror Episode, Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise Part One: New Voices, Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise Part Two: Memorable Voyages, Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise Part Three: Final Approach, Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise Part Four: End of An Era, In Conversation: Writing Star Trek: Enterprise, Archival Mission Logs: Visual Effects Magic, Archival Mission Logs: Links to the Legacy, Archival Mission Logs: Enterprise Secrets, Archival Mission Logs: That’s a Wrap!, Archival Mission Logs: Enterprise Goes to the Dogs, Archival Mission Logs: Westmore’s Aliens: Creating Dr. Phlox and Beyond, Archival Mission Logs: Outtakes, Archival Mission Logs: Photo Gallery, Archival Mission Logs: NX-01 File 10