doctor who the return of doctor mysterioSome out there believe that the city of New York  has already been infiltrated by aliens. Most of us, though, believe the entire planet to be alien free. That being said, this Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special involves a story concerning the good Doctor trying to stop aliens from setting up shop in New York City. Sounds like fun, no?

Doctor Who (played by Peter Capaldi) and Nardole (played by Matt Lucas) join forces with an investigative journalist (played by Charity Wakefield) and burgeoning superhero known as Ghost (played by Justin Chatwin) to stop this from happening. The aliens are especially insidious as they are brain swappers. Action has to be taken immediately.

This episode is full of warmhearted feelings and laughs. A good combo. A combo that leaves you feeling a step lighter after watching it.

You don’t have to be a fan of superhero stuff, but this does do a kind of homage to superheroes like Superman. It is, however, restrained in that it does not too overboard with the superhero stuff. This is still a Doctor Who episode. There are some cool special effects and such which is great because the story is a little on the light side.

Special Features:

  • A New Kind of Superhero
  • Special Christmas Doctor Who featurette