91Bx72+gBqL._SL1500_You might think that Blaze and the Monster Machines only appeals to young boys, but that just isn’t so. Young girls will be fans as well because though it is about race cars and trucks it also involves adventures and science. Universally appealing for young folks.

Made up of two episodes – Blaze of Glory and The Driving Force – to make a mini-movie, Blaze of Glory features Blaze (voiced by Nolan North) and AJ (voiced by Dusan Brown) as they come to Axle City in order to meet some new friends while taking part in the Monster Dome’s Championship Race. To do well they are going to have to foil all of Crushers’ (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) dirty tricks and schemes. Then they will have to come to the rescue of new friend Starle the Cowgirl truck after she loses a piston. Crusher is looking to get his tires on it and so AJ and Blaze will have to use speed and brawn to it before him.

In an effort to be completely honest calling this a mini-movie is a little misleading. It really is just two episodes from the Blaze and the Monster Machines series on Nickelodeon. Calling it anything else would be overselling the whole thing.

Special Features:

-Blaze Little Golden Book