Evelyn – Blu-ray Edition

As the recent films Loving and Hidden Figures taught us, there are people and stories out there that have remained hidden to us. Despite the fact that these people might have done things that were significant historically. In 1953 in Ireland a father, Desmond Doyle (Pierce Brosnan – Die Another Continue Reading


Brace yourself Wolverine fans as this is reputedly the last film with Hugh Jackman as the title character. The good part is that after watching the film you will agree with me that he went for it with gusto. This is the best of the Wolverine films starring him that Continue Reading

Close Talker – Lens

Every body knows a ‘close talker’ in life, right? Not just because of the infamous Seinfeld episode, but maybe a work colleague, a family member or a drinking buddy; there’s always one that gets too close for comfort. Close Talker the band, are now a three-piece alternative indie rock band Continue Reading