Country: Portraits of an American Sound – Blu-ray Edition

81LyUi7qyZL._SL1176_How country music and photography have come together over the years is the focal point of this thoughtful documentary directed by Steven Kochones. Released originally in 2015 it finally makes its way to blu-ray. Follows about 90 years of country music and photography. Tells the story through images and interviews with country stars like Garth Brooks, Leanne Rimes, Taylor Swift and Roseanne Cash.

We see the birth of country music as a genre that was quite regional and then how it evolved into a sound popular throughout the entire country. Along the way the people behind the music changed from down home folks to international superstars. Cowboy to outlaw to megastar. The tale is told with images never before seen. Viewpoint of the country artists is rounded out by those of photographers like Harry Diltz, Raeanne Rubenstein, Lugh Wiener and Michael Wilson. Commentary is provided by Grand Ole Opry photographer Les Leverett and soundtrack by country music icons Hank Williams, Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson.

You really get a feel for the history and culture of country music through the 88 minutes. Begin to understand the ins and outs of this very American music genre.


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