The Untouchables: The Complete Collection – Blu-ray Edition

81E8EV4clVL._SL1500_Many out there might not remember this 1993-1994 series but it is one you should take the time to watch. There are 42 episodes to watch and will leave you wanting more.

It only lasted two seasons and was based on the 1987 film starring Sean Connery and Kevin Costner and 1959 television series. Happens during the time of prohibition in Chicago and how Al Capone (played by William Forsythe) tried to make a mint off of bootleg liquor. The Untouchables, a federal investigative squad, led by Eliot Ness (played by Tom Amandes), has as its mandate to put Capone in jail.

The cast is strong with Forsythe being a standout in a chilling portrayal of the infamous Al Capone.

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