Guns for Hire

The category of indie film does not necessarily mean a crappy film made on a low budget. It should mean a screenwriter and director don’t have their hands tied by big studio expectations based on how much money they have invested in a film. Sounds ideal, but it doesn’t always work that way. No matter how much freedom you are given.

Part-time tow truck driver Beatle (Michele Hicks – from television’s Mr. Robot) and a part-time assassin. Odd combination, but it seems to work for her. Or does it? Her life takes a turn when the beautiful Athena (Ever Carradine – Bubble Boy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) approaches her with a unique and bizarre proposal.

guns for hireAthena asks Beatle to kill her and will pay her by naming her the beneficiary in her life insurance. That is weird enough, but when Beatle, who is usually devoid of emotion when it comes to people, begins falling for Athena. As if life couldn’t get more tricky, Athena’s ex-boyfriend Kyle (Ben Menelsohn – Rogue One, The Dark Knight Rises) has sent an assassin named Bruce (Jeffrey Dean Morgan – from television’s The Walking Dead) after her to kill her. It doesn’t stop there as Detective Holt (Raffaello Degruttola – Saving Private Ryan, Quantum of Solace) is also on Beatle’s trail believing she is an assassin.

Wit and gunplay is what directors Katherine Brooks (directed episodes of Real World and Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica) and Donna Robinson (first film) and they miss the mark. The wit is a series of attempted humourous one liners that fall flat. Falling flat is an accurate to describe the action sequences. Usually even poor straight to DVD films of this sort can rely on the redeeming quality of decent action scenes. That is not a fall back for Guns for Hire, which is a disappointment as guns is in the title. You would think they would have paid more attention to the action parts. Nope. Then there is the whole noir side to the film. That doesn’t work either. Sigh. Writing is bad and acting is pretty mediocre which is disappointing because Tony Shalhoub has a small part in the film.

Special Features:

-Preview for Guns for Hire

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