Ed Sheeran – Divide

ed sheeran divideGoing quickly from a guy who was sleeping on friends’ couches to an international superstar and part of Taylor Swift’s gang came very quickly for Brit Ed Sheeran. With the release of his first album in 2012 he was huge. His second album was even bigger and now with the release of his third I expect his fame to keep growing. The first two singles off Divide, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” were both chart toppers so he is off to a great start. His sound has become something used to describe other artists now with he mixing of acoustic and digital sounds. The ginger’s voice and his guitar are pretty much the focal points on the album on most tracks other than “Shape of You”. Like his bestie Miss Swift he is comfortable putting his innermost thoughts and life experiences into his songs. With that honesty he is able to create vivid pictures and clear characters that seemingly come to life in songs like “Galway Girl” and “New Man”. Still young, Sheeran is still evolving as an artist, but I feel he will continue throughout his career to make hip and fun music.

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