Baby Boom – Blu-ray Edition

baby boomA classic movies from the 80’s, dealing with the trials and tribulations of balancing career and family life.

Acclaimed actress Diane Keaton plays the role of J.C. Wiatt, a workaholic business executive in the hit comedy “Baby Boom.” As she works her way up the corporate ladder, she inherits a little girl from a distant cousin who passed away unexpectedly. Her life is quickly turned upside down as she tries to figure out how to juggle her personal and work life. As her relationship of convenience falls apart in the process and sneaky people at work waiting in the wings for her to screw up so they can get ahead, J.C. desperately tries to get her priorities in order so she can have it all.

The film has some really funny moments and a few unexpected twists and turns that makes for some fun viewing.

Special Features:

-Isolated Music & Effects Track

-Audio Commentary with Film Historians Julie Kirgo and Nick Redman

-Original Theatrical Trailer


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