assassination classroom season two part one

This anime tries to hit all the bases in that it is funny, life lessons and plenty of action. It also goes against the grain in that it doesn’t just fulfill what you would expect it to. Dares to be daring. While remaining at the same time true to the world it has created. Everything about this is unique – look and style.

The second semester is about to begin for Class 3E. Though some things have changes their ultimate assignment is the same – kill the teacher before the end of the year. The Japanese government has offered a reward of 10 billion yen to the student to does the deed. Not going to be simple as Koro Sensei (voiced by Jun Fukuyama) is going to fight hard for his life plus he seems to have some incredible powers. And he is the best teacher they have ever had. Koro Sensei teaches his students not only your typical subjects but also the art of assassination.