Fringe: The Complete First Season

Created by the mad successful J.J. Abrams you might think you are watching another version of The X Files. Just because it involves the FBI, some conspiracies and unexplained phenomenon does not mean we are watching Scully and Mulder redux. This one involves a mistrusting, damaged and highly observant FBI agent who works with a brilliant but mad as the day is long scientist and his rebellious son. Together they investigate all kinds of bizarre cases and somehow it seems as if they are all connected.

Episode 1: Pilot: A plane lands but all aboard have somehow turned into skeletons.

Episode 2: The Same Old Story: A child is born and dies of old age 30 minutes later and it seems as if it is related to an unsolved case that Olivia (played by Anna Torv) and John (played by Mark Valley) had investigated.

Episode 3: The Ghost Network: A man foresees that a bus will crash and the riders will all be trapped like bugs in amber.

fringe the complete first seasonEpisode 4: The Arrival: An explosion destroys an entire New York City construction site except for a cylinder made of iridium.

Episode 5: Power Hungry: Walter (played by John Noble) tries out some incompatible assistants.

Episode 6: The Cure: When diner patrons interact with a seemingly confused and lost woman their brains boil inside of their skulls.

Episode 7: In Which We Meet Mr. Jones: Olivia travels to Frankfurt to question a jailed scientist who might have created a genetically altered parasite.

Episode 8: The Equation: A boy has been abducted and Walter returns to St. Claires to try to find him.

Episode 9: The Dreamscape: Olivia meets up with John…who is dead.

Episode 10: Safe: Three men rob a bank vault and only two get away. The guy left behind is embedded in the vault wall.

Episode 11: Bound: Olivia manages to escape from her captors but only finds more trouble.

Episode 12: The No-Brainer: A computer pop-up seems to be able to liquefy the brains of those who see it.

Episode 13: The Transformation: A spike covered creature seems to have been the cause of an airplane crash.

Episode 14: Ability: Jones manages to escape from his prison cell.

Episode 15: Inner Child: Construction workers discover a feral boy in a sealed up tunnel.

Episode 16: Unleashed: Animal rights activists free some animals from a research lab and unleash a bio-engineered animal that attacks Charlie.

Episode 17: Bad Dreams: Olivia is having dreams about suicide and murder and they end up coming true.

Episode 18: Midnight: Olivia is on the hunt for a killer who seems to have an obsession with spinal fluid.

Episode 19: The Road Not Taken: Olivia investigates what she believes to be spontaneous human combustion.

Episode 20: There’s More Than One of Everything: Walter is missing.

Special Features:

-Evolution: The Genesis of Fringe

-Behind the Real Science of Fringe

-The Casting of Fringe

-Roberto Orci’s Production Diary

-Fringe Visual Effects

-Unusual Side Effects

-Gene the Cow

-Fringe Pattern Analysis

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