Expo, Manger Sante et Vivre Vert is Coming Up! – In anticipation A Recipe Series, Part 2

Vegan Pogos

pogos2My last thunderbolt, smoked tofu. It reminds me of the summers of my childhood when, by some miracle, my mother finally bought hotdogs…

… our greatest pleasure was to eat them all raw, secretly, when she went to work. We used to eat them very seldom and since my adherence to vegetarian diet I have never really managed to find a satisfactory alternative to the taste of hot dogs.

I do not like commercially processed products (too salty, too many ingredients and they contain additives), but I agree that they can help out. And as with us this food was not part of our daily life, I had never really missed it. But then a month ago when I was trying hotdogs for myself and my family with the smoked tofu of the trade, sold en bloc I had read this idea on a Facebook group: “Why not cut the smoked tofu In strips and use these pieces as a replacement for the sausage? As simple as that, and with the exception of shape, my God! The taste is the same.

I had no expectations and now I rediscovered this meal quickly made which in this way became a lot more interesting than the good old processed meat based hotdogs. To try it is to adopt it and I am so happy with my discovery, I had to share the secret with you.

And watch out, ladies and gentlemen, I had the idea of making pogos. I admit, these recipes are not really “glamorous” but they are the revelation of my summer. Me who always envied my friends who had boxes of pogos in the freezer that my mother absolutely refused to buy. Bet that if she had had my recipe, she could have satisfied our desires for these small fast meals.

Servings: 6 pogos

1 block of smoked tofu (210 g)
⅔ cup of cornmeal
⅓ cup of spelt flour
⅓ cup of chickpea flour
1 C. Of baking powder
1 C. Of sugar
1 C. Montreal Steak Spice
½ c. Chili powder
½ c. Salt
½ cup + 2 tsp. (155ml) unsweetened soy milk
6 wooden or bamboo sticks

Cut the soy block into 6 large rectangles
Thread your rectangles on skewers and book
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat and lightly oil with a brush
In a bowl, mix all the other ingredients except milk
Then add the milk slowly until the texture is thick but not dry and not too liquid either. You want to have the texture of a cake mix
In a shallow bowl, pour two tablespoons of the mixture. Place the tofu skewer over it and with the help of your fingers or a spoon work the dough all along the skewer to coat your entire rectangle
Using a long spatula transfer onto the baking sheet
Using a brush, brush the pogos with oil
Bake at 450 ° F for 15 minutes.
Serve immediately with the condiments of your choice.
Freezes and warms well in the oven.

Recipe by Dominique Dupuis rom l’Armoire du haut: https://larmoireduhaut.com

She gives végé cooking classes: https://larmoireduhaut.com/cours/

She is the main organizer of Le Championnat de cuisine végétale de Montréal at the Expo:


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