The Dick Van Dyke Show: Now…In Living Color! – Blu-ray Edition

the dick van dyke showHard to believe that this show was almost cancelled after its first season. This is classic timeless comedy. Of a brand which is not made anymore. It is a situational comedy that is centered on the Petrie family. At the center of it all is Rob (played by Dick Van Dyke) and Laura (played by Mary Tyler Moore), who mesh so well that they are like water and water. Each just adds to and fills in for the other. The two actors play off of each other so well. Comedy writer Rob interacts with his wife Laura, his co-workers and his zany neighbours. Top notch cast coupled with great comedy writing.

Life in the burbs and working in the big city has not changed that much over the years. Or has it? Follow young married couple Rob (played by Dick Van Dyke) and Laura Petrie (played by Mary Tyler Moore) as they try to navigate existing in the two worlds. The couple lives in New Rochelle and Rob works as a comedy writer in the city.  Sit back and enjoy all the ensuing hilarity.

Season five was the last season of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Its popularity as a show was due to the chemistry of the two leads, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore, and the successful use of classic comedy tools or situations. The type of television that is appropriate and can be enjoyed by every generation.

Complete Series (5 seasons) have been previously released the difference here is that the series (which was filmed and aired in black and white) has now undergone colourization. Or at least two episodes have been – the first episodes from season three (That’s My Boy??) and five (Coast to Coast Big Mouth) have been given colour. For the most part the colour is pretty right on.

Special Features:

-A Conversation with Dick Van Dyke and Carl Reiner

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