Flight of the Feathered Serpent by Dana Alexander

33152232Get ready for the new installment in Dana Alexander’s riveting fantasy-romance series, The Three Keys, which readers are calling ‘Lara Croft meets Lord of the Rings.’

The Three Keys weaves the beauty and magic of fantasy into real-life situations, enrapturing readers into a world where ancient mythology, epic adventure, and a sweeping love story collide.

In Volume 1 of the series, Beyond A Darkened Sky, readers were introduced to Sara Forrester – a New York psychiatrist whose nightmares turn out to be more than figments of a troubled mind when a powerful entity known as the Soltari calls her to duty as humanity’s only hope against an ancient and deadly enemy. Readers also meet Kevin Scott, a great warrior now posing as a colleague of Sara’s who, thousands of years ago, vowed to protect her across time and space. Not that Sara can remember him, or anything about her many past lives…

In Volume 2, A Light Within, Sara was plunged into the only role she was ever meant to fulfill: the heroine of a quest to obtain three keys long ago hidden across the world – and in grave danger of falling into the hands of a demon lord named Tarsamon. Deepening the mystery and upping the stakes, A Light Within left readers anxious for more of the immersive, realistic, fantastical world Alexander has built in The Three Keys – and eager to find out what happens next for Sara and Kevin on their perilous journey to save humankind.

Now, with the release of Flight of the Feathered Serpent – the third installment (leading up to the fourth and final book, planned for 2018) – the wait is over.

Picking up where A Light Within left off – with Sara having narrowly escaped the highlands of Scotland with her life and the first of the three keys in hand – Flight of the Feathered Serpent follows Sara to the shrouded depths of the Yucatan jungle, where she must unlock the riddles of Mayan myth to find the second key. As Sara and her team are swept into a history rooted in magic and mystery, they struggle to find light in the darkest corners of the unfamiliar. At risk are the billions of lives on earth – and a future Sara longs to keep with Kevin, who she’s inching closer and closer to understanding her unique and powerful bond with.

Readers who enjoy non-dragon type fantasy, mysterious myth and magic – along with a good dose of adventure and peril – will fall in love with The Three Keys.

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