51pIynWVI0LHis fifth album shows the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-ness of rapper Future. For most of his career he has split time between tapping into his dark side and then next time out being all radio friendly. With this self-titled album he is most certainly showing his dark and experimental side. There are 17 tracks but they only add up to one hour long. His rap style alternates between gruff street thug to a trap sound that seems like it was penned in a stream of consciousness way. Rap usually has lyrics and a demeanour about it that can be offensive at times and most of the time it can be ignored, but here there are moments and tracks that are quite offensive. “High Demand” has him talking about grabbing a part of female anatomy like Donald Trump, then some homophobic lyrics on “I’m So Groovy” and finally some female shaming on “Rent Money”. All these moments add up to something that is not worth my time.