Little Big Town – The Breaker

812CwtGwqRL._SL1200_On their last album the country quartet had their first taste of genre wide commercial success. With their 8th album The Breaker they are trying to continue that. Though unlike their last album Wanderlust, they are not trying to do that by sacrificing who they are. Meaning they are back to recording country music. Their own brand of country music which is filled with pop moments and wonderfully layered harmonies. They are akin to the Fleetwood Mac of  country. Country music that appeals to those who don’t necessarily count themselves amongst fans of that genre. They are helped with that by the big name songwriters they have on the album. Stars like Taylor Swift (“Better Man”) and Lori McKenna have penned songs for the group. The band knows what their fans expect from them and that is a mixture of heart-wrenching ballads and party songs. Though there are more slow tempo songs like “Your Side of the Bed” and “Shut Up Train” than there are up tempo ones that will get plenty of radio play like “Night on Our Side” and “Drivin’ Around”. What elevates the band and their music from drivel is the strong lyrics, fantastic voices and great musicianship.

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