Dirty Projectors – Dirty Projectors

61VtwPU-YAL._SL1200_Emerging from the New York City rock revival of the turn of the century, Dirty Projectors has now released a self-titled album. Building a reputation upon their willingness to try anything and being completely experimental, the band mixes this with its obvious love for R&B. This is as original and filled with soul as the Dirty Projectors has ever been. It is also your prototypical break up album. It oozes loneliness. The broken heart exists alongside some biting humour. When pain and pleasure exist together and is this delectable then you find yourself hoping for more tragedy. Great combo! Some interesting collaborations crop up on the album. Beyonce’s little sis Solange (who covered one of the band’s songs on her last album) helped write the track “Cool Your Heart” and longtime engineer Jimmy Douglass helps shape the sound.

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