monster high electrifiedLongtime fans of the series will notice the difference in the animation style now being used. Some will like it while some will hate it.

This one is a sort of continuation of the last film. One that dealt with the founding of Monster High. While it is rather charming the story itself is rather ordinary. Young fans will probably be entertained but I warn parents out there that this one is rather dull.

Clawdeen’s dream career is opening a salon where both monsters and normies would come to and get their hair cut or nails done. Frankie has the great idea of using an abandoned power station outside of town as the location. Not everyone is happy for Clawdeen, however. Namely Moanica. She comes up with an idea to ruin the whole thing.

The story does not end there as Clawdeen’s friends have a secret weapon – Twyla, the daughter of the Boogie Man. She is someone who can find out the truth behind any mystery. She and all the other ghouls will work together to stop Moanica’s dastardly plan and save the normie town from being plunged into darkness. Plus open the salon.

Special Features:

-Ever After High: Epic Winter – “Snow Day” Episode

-Digital Copy