Pedro Almodovar, tout ses femmes @ FIFA

pedro almodovar tout ses femmes2One of the more interesting characters on the film scene today is Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. A figure who just begs for a documentary and Sergio Mondelo has attempted to capture the essence of the man (and his inclination to portray primarily female characters in his films) in a mere 52 minutes.

You just have to take a cursory look at Almodovar’s filmography to see that women are his obsession. His films all centre around female characters. To get a clearer picture on why, Mondelo not only speaks to the man himself and shows some old interviews with his muse, his beloved (but deceased) mother, but speaks to the actresses who have starred in his films. Actresses Carmen Maura, Victoria Abril, Rossy de Palma, Bibiana Fernández, Emma Suárez and Adriana Ugarte all speak about how he brings a clear, involved and new image of the feminine to the screen.

One of the stars of his latest film, Julieta, Adriana Ugarte at one point during her interview states that “he understands women better than we do ourselves.” That is saying a mouthful. The agent provocateur and out homosexual has always seemed to be in touch with his feelings and his view of love has been described as quintassentially female. Much of his being in touch with the female element of life is chalked up to the influence of his mother and the fact that he grew up in an small town in the middle of Spain which was very female-centric. His mother made such an impression upon him that she even had small roles in all his early films.

The interesting part of his portrayal of women is that though they are all interesting; they are all also complex (not something you often get in Hollywood films). Meaning the women are not perfect and have flaws -without being stereotypical. Which makes everyone of them that much more interesting and watchable.

Over his roughly 40 year career, Pedro Almodovar has managed to make such an impact on the film world that the entire image of Spain has changed along with each of his films.

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