The L Word is a sinfully fantastic series based on the loves, lives and friendships of a bunch of Los Angeles women who are lesbians. It is a kind of mix of soap opera and drama series. With plenty of sex thrown in. A little bit of something, something for everyone and all tastes. Great cast that is bumped up by some fun guest spots from Billie Jean King, Margot Kidder, Alan Cumming, Rosanna Arquette and Dana Delaney.

Bette and Tina try to deal with being parents to Angelica and attempting to reconcile. Bette loses her job and Tina is forced to work for Helena. Tina finds herself attracted to men and Bette turns to Buddhism. After Bette kicks her out of their bed, Tina starts dating a divorced man. Bette and Tina wage a custody battle over Angelica.

514TSB3ATXLHelena starts on her own in the movie business. She is hit with a lawsuit and her mother (played by Holland Taylor) returns to town to help.

Alice and Dana break up and Dana has to deal with a health issue. Helena tries to help Alice get over Dana. Dana is back with her ex, Lara (played by Lauren Lee Smith).

Jenny comes back to Los Angeles with her new girlfriend, Moira (played by Daniela Sea). Moira wants to undergo surgery to become a man. She takes on the name Max.

Carmen and Shane’s relationship becomes serious as Shane meets Carmen’s family. Shane opens her own styling business. Shane’s ex comes back for a visit and drives a wedge between her and Carmen. Carmen evens the score with Shane. Shane proposes to Carmen.

Kit finds herself attracted to Angelica’s male nanny, Angus (played by Dallas Roberts).

Special Features:

-A Goodbye to Dana

-The L Word Documentary

-The L Word Auction

-A Message From Rachel and Ilene

-A Celebration of Love

-Photo Gallery