leroy stagger love versusPop, rock and roots have been melanged together to create the appealing sonic stew that makes up Leeroy Stagger’s Love Versus. The 10 tracks that make up the album are further prove that this guy has more talent in his little finger than most artists have in their entire bodies and souls. Also further cements his rightful place in the list of noteworthy (see what I did there?) Canadian singer/songwriters. Over his ten year music career he has proved rather prolific with this being his 11th album. All his songs here feature a marriage of intelligent lyrics and hypnotic melodies.Your attention is captured from note one. Others of lesser skill have tried, but he has mastered the art of surrounding dark lyrics with uplifting music. This is best illustrated on the track “Little Brother”, a song about the horrific accident that befell his brother. The truly good part of all this is that as his career goes on he gets stronger and stronger. The result should be that he is no longer Canada’s best kept secret.