Honey 3: Dare to Dance – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Even fans of singer Cassie Ventura will have to admit that this film is a bit of mess. What is it about dance films that they think they can get away with poor scripts and awful acting? Oh wait, isn’t it the same story with action films? Hmmm….

Wanting to know more about her deceased mother’s roots, dancer Malea Martin (Cassie Ventura – Step Up 2: The Streets, The Perfect Match) is attending college in South Africa. The policies of the school and the American’s sensibilities clash and she finds herself having to leave school. Now she must find her path in life, what she is passionate about.

honey 3 dare to danceIt is definitely hip hop dancing and so she comes up with the idea to do a hip hop version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. That is actually the easy part. The hard part is convincing dancers and the Cape Town community to follow her lead. Things are made even more difficult when an excellent dancer but foe Ishani (Sibongile Mlambo – Detour) resists her, her male lead dancer comes down with an injury and her boyfriend and musician/dancer Erik (Kenny Wormald – Center Stage: Turn it Up, Footloose – 2011) becomes jealous due to big music star Taj’s (Clayton Evertson – Death Race 2, Grimsby) involvement. Things look like they are about to fall apart and her dream will go down the drain.

Yes plenty of the dance scenes are cool. Filled with great modern dance. And even the concept or idea behind the film is a solid one. What lacks is the execution. The only reason to watch the film is if you are a big dance fan. Not a movie fan.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Extended Dance Sequences

-Behind the Dance: The Making of Honey 3

-South African Backdrop

-Battle Dakota Club

-Feature Commentary with Director Bille Woodruff

-Digital Copy

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