You don’t go into a straight to video film like this with very many expectations…no matter who you are. It is going to give you a paper thin story, plenty of action, average acting, and low production values. If you accept all this and are a fan of of the genre then you might find Hard Target 2 a worthwhile endeavour. If not, then may the force be with you.

There are plenty of stunning stupidities going on here and if you are in the right mood you might find them reason alone to watch Hard Target 2. For example, every time our hero inevitably kills one of the hunters you expect him to take at least one of their weapons. Nope. What kind of dope would walk away from guns, knives or any other weapon when being pursued by people wanting to kill them?!? Laughable. And would it kill the scriptwriters of these films to make things a tad less predictable and the dialogue less riddled with cliches? For the love of Pete!

The bread and butter of a B movie of the sorts is the action. To that end, some of the fight scenes here are original and might even succeed in surprising you. Martial artist Scott Adkins is playing a different sort of character and as such is using some different fighting styles. Adkins is rather good at the fighting stuff.

After being overcome with guilt due to the accidental death of his friend (played by Troy Honeysett) during a mixed martial arts fight, Wes Baylor (played by Scott Adkins) is spending a depressing existence in Thailand fighting for peanuts and drinking heavily. After winning another underground fight he is approached by a man named Aldrich (played by Robert Knepper) with the offer of a big purse fight in Myanmar.

hard target 2After some hesitation he accepts, not able to turn away from the allure of the big money as he wants to buy the beach house always dreamed of by his deceased friend for his family. Once he and Aldrich land in Myanmar it becomes apparent that it is not a fight that Baylor has been brought there for. He is actually the target in a human hunt and there is no walking away from it.

Given only a two minute head start, a water bottle and a pouch with a million dollars in rubies, Baylor flees into the jungle. He has to get across the border alive in order to get the money, but he has a half dozen trained and highly weaponized hunters wanting to kill him before he accomplishes this.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Deleted Scenes

-Deleted Shots Montage

-A Fighting Chance: Behind the Scenes of Hard Target 2

-Hard Target 2 Through the Lens

-Into the Jungle: On Location of Hard Target 2

-Thrill of the Hunt

-Feature Commentary with Director Roel Reine and Stars Scott Adkins and Robert Knepper, Composer Trevor Morris, and Camera Operator Rolf Dekens