vegas the complete seriesRobert Urich played the character as a tough detective with a soupcon of guy nextdoorism that gave it a little difference from the other similar type dramas on television. Catching bad guys and making time with the ladies pretty much fills up the days an nights for Vietnam vet turned private eye Dan Tanna (played by Robert Urich).  His job takes him and his faithful sidekicks, assistant Bea (played by Phyllis Davis), Bobby Borso (played by Bart Braverman) and Las Vegas Police Department’s Lieutenant Dave Nelson (played by Greg Morris) to the seediest areas of Las Vegas. He works for hotel magnet Philip Roth (played by Tony Curtis) and his business to protect both tourists and locals from unscrupulous types. This means that he gets cases involving prostitutes, land disputes, murders, business disputes and watching the backs of celebrities. No matter who he is chasing (criminal or woman) or in what area, Tanna looks cool in his red ‘57 Thunderbird. Everyone except for criminals likes this guy. The show which aired in the 1970s features mystery, drama and action.

Keep your eyes open for guest appearances from the likes of Shelley Winters, Gary Collins, Minnesota Fats, Eve Arden, and Melanie Griffiths.

Episode List:

Season 1

Pilot High Roller (Red Buttons, June Allyson, Edd Byrnes, Jack Kelly, Greg Morris)
Ep 1: Centerfold ( Christine Ferrare, John Ericson, Morey Amsterdam )
Ep 2: The Games Girls Play ( Shelley Fabares, Skip Homeier, Troy Donahue, Alex Trebek)
Ep 3: Mother Mishkin ( Anne Francis, Rex Holman, Sid Caesar, Ross Martin)
Ep 4: Love, Laugh and Die ( Andrew Duggan, Bill Dana, Jonathan Harris)
Ep 5: Yes, My Darling Daughter ( Strother Martin, Lloyd Bochner,, Slim Pickens)
Ep 6: Lady Ice ( Kim Basinger, Nehemiah Persoff, Cameron Mitchell)
Ep 7: Milliken’s Stash ( Shelley Berman, Pernell Roberts)
Ep 8: The Pageant ( Robert Reed, Maureen McCormick, Michael Callan)
Ep 9: Lost Women ( Moses Gunn, Britt Lind, Cesar Romero )
Ep 10: Second Stanza ( Ronee Blakely, Joseph Campanella, Doc Severinsen)
Ep 11: Serve, Volley and Kill ( Don DeFore, Pamela Ferdin,Dawn Wells, Mamie Van Doren )
Ep 12: Ghost of the Ripper ( John Larch, George Takei, Peter Lind Hayes)
Ep 13: The Eleventh Event ( Clifton Davis, Muhammed Ali, Robert Loggia)
Ep 14: Kill Dan Tanna! ( Don Gordon, Kyle Richards)
Ep 15: Death Mountain ( Keye Luke, Ken Curtis , Joan Van Ark)
Ep 16: Best Friends ( John Rubenstein, Abbe Lane, Harold J Stone)
Ep 17: Demand and Supply ( William Smith, R G Armstrong )
Ep 18: Everything I Touch ( Jo Ann Harris, Heather Menzies-Urich)
Ep 19: Doubtful Target ( Leslie Nielson, Louise Sorrel, Anne Jeffries)
Ep 20: Touch of Death ( Paul Mantee, Alan Oppenheimer)
Ep 21: The Way to Live ( Marlyn Mason, Kenneth Tobey)
Ep 22: The Visitor ( Michael Ansara, Eduard Franz)
Season 2Ep 1: Red Handed ( Andrew Duggan, Melanie Griffith, Lola Falana)
Ep 2: The Usurper ( Dean Martin, Sherry Jackson, Robert Reed)
Ep 3: Mixed Blessings ( David Huddleston, Cassie Yates)
Ep 4: Runaway ( Cynthia Harrison, Pat Hingle)
Ep 5: Design for Death ( Eve Arden, Barbi Benton, Gary Crosby)
Ep 6: Shadow on a Star ( Lisa Hartman, James Wainwright)
Ep 7: Dan Tanna Is Dead ( John Colicos, Don Diamond)
Ep 8: Macho Murders ( Shelley Winters)
Ep 9: The Day the Gambling Stopped ( Barry Sullivan, Christopher Stone)
Ep 10: Classic Connection ( Wayne Newton, Eric Braeden, Susan Howard)
Ep 11: The Private Eye Connection ( Bert Freed, Gary Collins)
Ep 12: Lost Monday ( Tige Andrews, Mary Ann Mobley, Dick Sargent)
Ep 13: Casualty of War ( Rex Holman, Rebecca York)
Ep 14: All Kinds of Love ( Dennis Cole)
Ep 15: Magic Sister Slayings ( Debra Feuer, Tom Simcox)
Ep 16: The Lido Girls ( Louis Jordan, L Q Jones)
Ep 17: Consortium ( Lloyd Bochner, James Darren)
Ep 18: The Hunter Hunted ( Robert Loggia, Johnny Seven)
Ep 19: The Man Who Was Twice ( Jim Bailey, Darlene Carr, Wolfman Jack)
Ep 20: Golden Gate Cop Killer: Part 1 ( Tanya Roberts, Bruce Kirby. Michelle Phillips)
Ep 21: Golden Gate Cop Killer: Part 2 ( Peggy Cass, Andrew Robinson)
Ep 22: Siege of the Desert Inn ( Cameron Mitchell)
Ep 23: Vendetta ( Joseph Campanella, Jack Kruschen)

Season 3

Ep 1: Aloha, You’re Dead: Part 1 ( Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts)
Ep 2: Aloha, You’re Dead: Part 2 ( John Saxon, Barbara Parkins)
Ep 3: Black Cat Killer ( Erin Gray, Rick Lenz, Victor Buono)
Ep 4: Sudden Death ( Vito Scotti, Jill St John)
Ep 5: Love Affair ( Priscilla Barnes, Ruta Lee, Skip Homeier)
Ep 6: A Deadly Victim ( Bubba Smith, Jason Evers, Victor Buono)
Ep 7: Deadly Blessings ( John Larch, John Vernon)
Ep 8: Christmas Story ( Jill Whelan)
Ep 9: The Andreas Addiction ( June Lockhart, Don Stroud)
Ep 10: Sourdough Suite ( Noah Beery Jr, Cesare Denova, Edie Adams)
Ep 11: Murder by Mirrors ( Julie Adams, Gene Evans)
Ep 12: Backlash ( Morgan Woodward, Lonnie Chapman)
Ep 13: Heist ( James MacArthur, Werner Klemperer)
Ep 14: No Way to Treat a Victim ( Deborah Wakeham, Michael Swan)
Ep 15: Time Bomb ( Dick Butkis, Michael Constantine )
Ep 16: Out of Sight ( Harry Gaurdino, Ed Nelson)
Ep 17: Set Up ( Simon Oaland, Richard Basehart, Sybil Danning)
Ep 18: The Killing ( Pamela Franklin, Paul Burke)
Ep 19: Seek and Destroy ( Katherine Baumann, Tori Spelling)
Ep 20: Dead Ringer ( Broderick Crawford, Wayne Newton)
Ep 21: French Twist ( Edd Byrnes, Lloyd Bochman)
Ep 22: Judgement Pronouced ( Alan Feinstein)
Ep 23: Nightmare Come True ( Christine Ferrare, Jacqueline Scott)

Special Features:

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