We are in the 1980s and two KGB agents are posing as an American couple living in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Spies within enemy territory. Interesting watch because though they are not doing what could be considered “right” the FBI is not shown to be angels either. A lot of gray areas. You’ll find yourself flipping between wanting the FBI to catch them and not wanting it at the same time. Good acting, writing and directing.

Episode 1: Pilot: Phillip (played by Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (played by Keri Russell) Jennings are your typical middle class American couple. Except they are not.

Episode 2: The Clock: Elizabeth begins to wonder about her dangerous job leaving her children without a mother. At the last minute Elizabeth and Phillip are giving the task of bugging the Defense Secretary’s study.

Episode 3: Gregory: Stan (played by Noah Emmerich) looks into the life of the dead Robert. Elizabeth and Phillip are surprised to find out their comrade was married.

Episode 4: In Control: The FBI and KGB are in turmoil after an assassination attempt on President Reagan. Stan puts the screws to his new spy to find out if the Russians were responsible.

the americans the complete first seasonEpisode 5: COMINT: The Jennings are tasked to infiltrate the new encryption system the FBI is using. A KGB agent risks exposing a vital KGB network.

Episode 6: Trust Me: The KGB is hunting for a mole within the organization. This causes Elizabeth and Phillip to have some trust issues.

Episode 7: Duty and Honor: Elizabeth and Phillip try to put their trust issues aside to do the job. Phillip comes in contact with a woman from his past.

Episode 8: Mutually Assured Destruction: Elizabeth is shocked by what Claudia (played by Margo Martingdale) tells her about Phillip and Irina. Phillip and Elizabeth are tasked with stopping the assassination of top American scientists.

Episode 9: Safe House: Things get chaotic for Elizabeth and Phillip on a routine mission. An FBI agent is missing and the FBI is in a panic.

Episode 10: Only You: The FBI continues to look for Amandor’s killer. Stan pursues a lead that leads to pointing the finger at one of Gregory’s (played by Derek Luke) men.

Episode 11: Covert War: A personal situation back home causes Elizabeth to start something that puts both she and Phillip in danger with the FBI and KGB.

Episode 12: The Oath: Phillip and Elizabeth worry about getting caught when they are tasked to meet with a new but important source. Stan gets close to uncovering the Directorate S cell.

Episode 13: The Colonel: Despite the fact that they feel it is a trap, Elizabeth and Phillip meet with a colonel. Stan gets close to figuring out Elizabeth and Phillip’s true identities.

Special Features:

-Executive Order 2579: Exposing the Americans

-Perfecting the Art of Espionage

-Ingenuity Over Technology

-Gag Reel

-Deleted Scenes

-The Colonel Commentary Featuring Joseph Weisberg, Joel Fields and Noah Emmerich