Bubble Guppies: Super Guppies

bubble guppies super guppiesBrightly coloured and fun. That is what the Nickelodeon series Bubble Guppies target audience, which is about between the ages of 2 and 6, cares about. Fun characters and fun stories. Keep it simple in other words. And that is exactly what happens on every episode of Bubble Guppies.

Songs aplenty that you can sit in front of television with your young ones and sing along to. The five episodes here (Super Guppies, X Marks the Spot!, Haunted House Party!, The Unidentified Flying Orchestra!, Police Cop-Etition) also do a good job hiding the fact that they are trying to teach you a lesson or educate you about something. Hidden within all the fun is the message and that makes things less painful. You get to learn about animals, math, memory, matching, thinking skills and shapes.