The 4400: The Complete Series

91rlGEctnXL._SL1500_A ball of light is hurtling towards Earth and it is believed to be comet. Countries on the planet brace for impact. When it becomes apparent that it is not a comet and is not going to hit Earth is when the mystery really begins. After a large flash of light suddenly exactly 4400 people who had gone missing, some for a short period while others for decades, suddenly reappear. None of those who have reappeared have aged a day. The talk of a conspiracy begins.

Two NSA agents, Tom Baldwin (played by Joel Gretsch) and Diana Skouris (played by Jacqueline McKenzie), are tasked with getting to the bottom of things. They want to find out what happened and why. Those who have returned try to resume their lives and find it very difficult. Life has gone on without them. Their reintegration is made even more difficult by the fact that they have certain abilities, some good some bad, that they didn’t before.

During the time this series came out sci fi series like The X Files and films The Dead Zone had been quite successful. The 4400 pays homage to those two along with others while trying to forge its own identity. The key is that they don’t just focus on the weird stuff but also the human element in how people react to this happening. Politics and economics are brought into it. Who to trust and which side you would come down on – these are the types of questions asked and focused on.

Essentially the heart of the series is not the science fiction aspect rather the human one. Keeps things grounded by focusing on imagination rather than special effects. The series will either appeal to you right away or not. Characters are fairly well-developed and each has their own moral dilemmas to work through. The entire four seasons are strong with the ending being satisfying.

At times it is a little soap opera-y but never too overboard. Some science fiction fans will be yearning for more of that type of stuff and that they go more in depth to the how, when and why part of the story.

Special Features:

-Creating the Ball of Light

-Return of The 4400

-POWERs Grid

-The Great Leap Forward (Director’s Cut)

-Jordan Collier: The Grey Man

-Audio Commentaries on Select Episodes

-Deleted Scenes

-A Stitch in Time

-The Architecture of Series Storytelling


-The 4400: Character Tree

-The 4400: Gag Reel

-Being Tom Baldwin: The First Draft

-Season IV: Factions at War

-Season IV: Blooper Reel

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