Mankind Release Single Ghost and EP Death

Cover Death EPMANKIND know how to propel into aurally calculated chaos. Art O (short for Arthur Onion, cool name, ey?) explains:

‘”Ghost” captures that feeling when you look back on a former lover and guess what… they’ve moved on, but you realise you’re not over them! We’ve all been there, right?

Although that love feels very much alive within you, the pain you experience being so real and fresh still, you ask yourself ‘Why am I still feeling like this? What is this for?’ Yes, you’re suffering for someone and something which technically is no longer here, it’s gone, dead, finished’…

Well, when you finally stop asking yourself the “why’s” and “what for’s”, only then you find a way of actually dealing with it, having closure and moving on… Our way was writing this song.”

This is a bunch of pop songs (or our version of pop) which we thought are worth sharing, an EP about:

– nothingness
– mourning our loved ones who are no longer with us
– contemplating the passing of time and aging
– eternal love
– extinction
– the end of our world”

He also adds:  “As usual it’s filled with layers and layers of references from ancient to contemporary culture such as Walt Whitman, french graphic novels, Lazarus, tin pan alley pop classics and various religious scriptures about death in general.”


Both the “Ghost” single and “Death” EP are available everywhere now via Lazy Octopus.

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