inside amy schumer season 4No topic is off limits for Amy Schumer especially those that are hot right now. She has proven time and time again that she will go to any length for a laugh but you really see in this season that has a few issues she is passionate about like how the media treats women and gun control. There are brains behind the crassness. It is not all about vagina jokes (though there are plenty) here.

The format of the show moves between sketches, stand-up and interviews with people on the street or in bars. Most shows have a loose theme. Some have some out lately and said they are growing tired of her and her one trick pony act. In other words, have grown tired of the crass sex jokes. Not really commenting on whether her skits or jokes are actually funny or not, what you have to do with Schumer is look a little beneath the crassness and see that she is actually trying to empower women and put forward commentary about the strange/laughable world we live in.

Admittedly some of the sketches are too long or fall flat, but that seems to me the nature of sketch comedy. You cannot possibly find funny everything that a comedian tries. There are more that will make you laugh out loud or giggle than will illicit no reaction.

Guest appearances by Judy Gold, Rachel Dratch, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Questlove, David Spade and Liam Neeson.

Special Features:

-Inside Amy Schumer’s Writers Room

  • New Hires
  • Fail and Hearty
  • Claudia’s Web Series
  • Male Writers