Brace yourself Wolverine fans as this is reputedly the last film with Hugh Jackman as the title character. The good part is that after watching the film you will agree with me that he went for it with gusto. This is the best of the Wolverine films starring him that have come out.

Wolverine was always the most interesting character (for me) out of the X-Men stable. Though he obviously clicked with the public most would agree that the immense potential of this action character had not been fully explored. I presume that this is why Hugh Jackman agreed to come back for one last kick at the can. Thanks have to be paid as this is a great film!

91pHcTi+88L._SL1500_Bleak is how best to describe this entry in the X-Men fold. Another way to describe it is Wow! Director James Mangold really ups the quality level here. It will remind many film fans of what Christopher Nolan did with The Dark Knight mixed with the constant brutal action sequences that Deadpool made en vogue. Besides the usual stuff we have come to expect from X-Men films like fight sequences and plenty of action there is also ample attention paid to story and character development.

Hugh Jackman’s performance here really cements the fact that no one else should play this character. He embodies the tortured and world weary creature that is Wolverine. What Jackman has always brought to the character is a fleshed out portrayal of the pain and torture he carries with him always. This makes the character quite compelling. Especially in this film you can almost feel how torn up Logan is about all the pain he has inflicted. In this outing his dilemma grows as he realizes he is going to have to dole out more to attempt to make things right. An amazing task for an actor to take on such an iconic character and have it totally connected to him. Aided greatly in this endeavour are his castmates like Stewart, newcomer Keen and Boyd Holbrook (Pierce).

The year is 2029 and the world is a different place. For one, mutants have been eliminated. Or mostly. Logan has survived though he is living a pretty depressing existence. Hiding out near the Mexican border, he spends most of his time alone and drinking heavily. Working only enough as a driver for hire to have some money for essentials and booze. His isolation is only broken by his two fellow exiles – an ill Professor X (played by Patrick Stewart) and Caliban (played by Stephen Merchant).

This depressing life is stirred up when another mutant outcast Laura (played by Dafne Keen) arrives and needs their help as she is being followed by some dark forces. He is urged by a mysterious woman to deliver Laura to safety. Now the recluse finds himself fighting these forces along with someone from his past.

Due to the quality of this film it is a rather painful goodbye to Jackman as Logan. Now, we will all sit holding our collective breath for the day when they recast the part…you know it is inevitable.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

  • Logan Noir
  • Audio commentary by Director James Mangold
  • Deleted scenes with optional audio commentary by James Mangold
  • Making Logan