Linkin Park – One More Light

linkin park one more lightSeventh studio album from the Grammy Award winners, One More Light is definitely a city block away in regards to sound from what Linkin Park was doing in the 90s. Less rock and more pop. Gone is the trendy at the time rap-metal. Though it does demonstrate their long established ability to mash up different genres. Some longtime fans will not be happy with the softening up of their sound. Their pseudo Chainsmokers sound on tracks like “Heavy” will have the haters hating. That is the risk you run when you change your sound. The reward is the gaining of new fans. Chester’s vocals is the focal point for me. Bennington has always had one of the more interesting voices in music with his high register and controlled shrieks. As he has gotten older (and fine tuned it during his stint with Stone Temple Pilots) he has established more and more depth and control to his voice. Now power ballads are not a stretch. As for Mike he seems to have been lost in the evolution. Precious few moments in the spotlight for the rapper. He does assume the lead vocalist duty on two tracks, “Invisible” and “Sorry For Now”. Selling out or evolving? That is for you to decide.

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