He is probably the (shortest – ooh low blow!) biggest name in comedy today. A star of stand-up and films. When he does something fans of comedy sit up and take notice. When his latest stand-up tour was billed as the biggest comedy tour in history fans were frothing at the mouth for tickets. No where more so than in his hometown of Philadelphia. There he performed a sold out show at Lincoln Financial Field (a football stadium!) in front of 50,000 people. Filmed by Leslie Small, the record setting show is filled with Kevin Hart style humour.

kevin hart what nowYou realize very quickly that no expense was spared when What Now? starts off with a spy spoof starring Halle Berry, Ed Helms and Don Cheadle. Hart plays Agent 0054 (a play on his height), who is as far away from James Bond as one could be. It is well done and filled with funny bits.

It then leads to the stand-up portion of the show. He does bits on raccoons, his kids, his father, being followed into an airport bathroom by a fan who would not be denied, Starbucks, and even such weird stuff as a women without shoulders or a man without knees.

Besides his ability at humour what Hart has going for him is his high energy. Enough energy that he is able to play a stadium so large and still have those in the upper reaches laughing and clapping along.

That being said I would have to say that this was not an example of his best material. The material that was good was drawn out too much and lost its funny. You also have to like his style (screaming, making faces) as he uses it throughout. It became too much after about 10 minutes. Maybe he should take some time off if he is going to do a stand-up tour again. I think he is trying to do too much at once and not spending enough time on writing strong material.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Alternate Opening

-Deleted/Alternate Scenes

-Gag Reel

-Making of a Spy Intro

-On Tour With Kevin Hart