8191YWAeTbL._SL1500_Music to parents’ ears – here you have 10 hours of a TV show that will distract your young ones as you go about your day unfettered. This release of Rugrats: Season 2 features many, many episodes of the hit Nickelodeon animated kids’ show.

For young parents the Rugrats might bring waves of nostalgia as they themselves watched this very show when they were toddlers. The series will bring back memories of a simpler time. With its amateurish animation and reliance upon imagination (not a quality used much today), Rugrats relies on stories that will hold the attention of both young and old. The characters, Tommy (voiced by Elizabeth Daily), Angelica (voiced by Cheryl Chase), Chuckie (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh), Dil (voiced by Tara Strong) and the rest of the gang, are largely likeable and as well-developed as needed. Dialogue is strong and jokes largely hit their intended targets. Fresh and funny ideas.