It is the Beginning of Summer with the Mondial de la Biere 2017!

logo-2017-dateThe Mondial de la bière was founded in Montreal in 1994 by three beer lovers including Jeannine Marois, president of the event since 2002. A unique and friendly tasting event, it is considered a doorway to the brewing industry in Quebec and around the world. In addition to its professional side, the Mbeer school of beerology and the Greg Noonan Mbeer Contest, the festival offers visitors an education about beer. Over the years, it has become the most important international beer festival in America and its reputation extends worldwide.

The 24th annual Mondial de la Bière will kick off on Wednesday night – June 14 – and go until Sunday – June 18.  It is always a highlight of the summer festival season here in Montreal. The sheer grandeur of the festival is what draws so many people to it.  Around 160,000 people are expected to attend. Tons of beer and food will be available to taste.  529 different products will be there at the Palais de Congrès of those 468 will be of the drink variety.  More impressive is the fact that 250 of the beers are new waiting to be tried. The beers, ciders, etc. on hand will be representing 90 different breweries of which 38 are from Quebec. To make sure you have something to go with your drinks there will be 15 food kiosques on hand.

Variety is a key word here as no matter what type of beer or cider you like you will find something to please your pallet here.  Whether you are a fan of IPAs, stouts, blondes, reds, bock, pilsner, lager, porter, or ale there will be beers for you to discover and enjoy.  Brewing countries are represented here with beers from Canada, United States, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Mexico, and Brazil.

Priding itself in a festival that always tries to get better the Mondial de la bière announces the arrival of virtual tasting coupons!Instead of paper coupons, visitors will purchase a «connected» card, pre-charged with the amount of virtual couponsof their choice.Kiosks will be equiped with mobile 2 scanners to receive the payments. Stations all over the site will allow visitors to check their balance and they can simply go to a couponnerie when it’s time to recharge their card.

Musical performances are coming back in force to the festival in 2017: shows, traveling bands, DJs and background music will be everywhere! Featuring: PARTNER / «Passe moé la puck» – HOMMAGE AUX COLOCS / SHAWN McPHERSON BAND / LE BIÈRE BLUES BAND / FLYING JOE’S / GYPSY KUMBIA / BARATANGA (percussionnists) / TRIO BRAZIL (festive southern music with an acoustic sound) / GRÜV’N BRASS (brass ensemble)/ Dj Pat De Brat. Background music in collaboration with SiriusXM.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg, I could go on for pages. There is plenty more happening and to enjoy! Just check out the festival’s website if you need more info –

Additional Information:

-Dates:  June 14-18, 2017

-Venue:  Palais de Congres (Place D’Armes metro)



  • WEDNESDAY to SATURDAY: NOON to 11 p.m.
  • SUNDAY: NOON to 6 p.m.

-Admission and Tasting Prices:



  • Virtual coupons: $1.00 each
  • Cost of one tasting: 2 to 8 coupons
  • Tasting: starting from 2 ounces

Glass: The glass accommodates maximum 8-oz.

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