midsomer murders series 19 part 1For 19 years the British television series Midsomer Murders has been bringing mystery fans murder and mayhem. And plenty of both. Even though things are rather predictable in that there is a murder, detective work is done and then the murder is solved, it still manages to hold your attention. That is due to whole Britishness of what goes on and the ingenious ways the writers of the series come up with killing off people.

Because of the length of the series it is a natural thing that some characters have come and gone over the years. This series involves a new DS. DS Jamie Winter (played by Nick Hendrix) comes on board to work with DCI John Barnaby (played by Neil Dudgeon). Barnaby is not an easy man to please as Winter soon finds out.

Series 19 contains four episodes – The Village That Rose From the Dead (celebrations of a town formerly used by the army being reopened are dampened when a body turns up), Crime and Punishment (Bleakridge’s butcher is bludgeoned to death), Last Man Out (a star cricket player is murdered) and Red in Tooth & Claw (a real estate agent is found stabbed to death at a dog show). The police in the seemingly cozy town of Midsomer Country are kept busy.

Special Features:

    • Behind the Scenes: The Village that Rose from the Dead


    • Behind the Scenes: Crime and Punishment


    • Paddy the Dog


    • Behind the Scenes: Last Man Out


    • Behind the Scenes: Red in Tooth and Claw