sheryl crow be myselfEleven songs co-written by Sheryl Crow and Jeff Trott. What does she bring on this album that she had not in the past – a little more darkness would be the answer to that question. It will remind fans of the stuff she did in the 90s. Gritty and in the storytelling vein. There are some lighter moments to be found in songs like “Roller Skate” and “Grown Up” for fans of that side of Sheryl Crow. Despite the fact that most of the songs are on the quiet side they still have plenty of passion in them. She definitely has tried to go back to that classic rock sound that served her well a couple of decades ago but there are moments of soul and country to be found as well. That well known sound combined with her lyrics that tend towards the past will give fans a nostalgic feeling while listening to this rocker Be Herself. Her best all-around album in many years.