Bonnie Li – Mallory

bonnie li mallory2Armed in her megaphone Bonnie Li knows how to make herself heard in English, Chinese Mandarin and French.

Having lived in various parts of the world, from Hong Kong to San Francisco via Montreal, Berlin and Paris, Bonnie has seen and experienced an abundance of cultures, beliefs and philosophies. Growing up in China has left a strong imprint on her regarding the status of women in our numerous contemporary societies; therefore this topic is consciously evident throughout her compositions.

‘Mallory’ is the upcoming new single where together with Elia M, the founder of the techno label Sycomor, Bonnie nourishes the audience with her dark electronic trip-hop ambiance.

With a piano-based intro a la Tori Amos mixed with Front Line Assembly (yes, really), ‘Mallory’ progresses steadily and enigmatically into a prevailing force of intensity and uneasiness, whilst adding a hint of Bauhaus and a trace of Boss Hog into the overall sonic occurrence.

When talking about the song, Bonnie says:

“It is about a ‘then forsaken by existence’ girl I’d met in a creepy bar in Paris. She came in, sat down next to me and we had a drink together. We then walked all night long across the city as she was telling me about her life. Once an accomplished ice-skater then turned stripper she was alone, fragile and continuously taken advantage of for being gullible, trusting the wrong ‘friends’ and consequently making one wrong choice after another. I knew instantly we’d met for a reason. We became very close friends through thick and thin, and I’m happy to say she’s managed to turn her life around.”

‘Mallory’ is a candidly formidable preview of what Bonnie Li’s music is all about, and the single will be out everywhere on 30th June via the Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art.






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