Men Without Hats to Play Quebecā€™s Countryside alongside Duchess Says and We Are Wolves at ShazamFest in July

12th EDITION IS A BONAFIDE OUTDOOR CARNIVAL WITH MUSIC, CIRCUS, BURLESQUE, THEATRE, DANCE, SKATEBOARDING, WRESTLING, CAMPING, GAMES AND MORE! After kicking off a second decade of outdoor festivities last summer,Ā ShazamFestĀ is pleased to return for aĀ 12thĀ editionĀ filled with even more musical performances, circus and burlesque acts, athletic showcases, workshops, free camping, and Continue Reading

Swiss Hip-Hop/Soul Producer Pablo Nouvelle Remixes Be The Bear

Fresh off the back of a sync forĀ Volvoā€™sĀ WinterĀ CommercialĀ (SeeĀ here) gainingĀ 700,000+Ā hits, Swiss hip-hop soul producerĀ PabloĀ NouvelleĀ has provided this soul infused remix of Be The Bearā€™s new singleĀ ā€˜Eruptā€™. Described byĀ TheĀ GuardianĀ asĀ “the best thing to come out of the Swiss Confederation since it first oozed broiling Gruyere,ā€Ā PabloĀ NouvelleĀ has also been placed alongsideĀ Avalanches,Ā DJĀ ShadowĀ with his ability to apply hip-hop Continue Reading