Swiss Hip-Hop/Soul Producer Pablo Nouvelle Remixes Be The Bear

Be The Bea Web versionFresh off the back of a sync for¬†Volvo‚Äôs¬†Winter¬†Commercial¬†(See¬†here) gaining¬†700,000+¬†hits, Swiss hip-hop soul producer¬†Pablo¬†Nouvelle¬†has provided this soul infused remix of Be The Bear‚Äôs new single¬†‚ÄėErupt‚Äô.

Described by¬†The¬†Guardian¬†as¬†“the best thing to come out of the Swiss Confederation since it first oozed broiling Gruyere,‚Ä̬†Pablo¬†Nouvelle¬†has also been placed alongside¬†Avalanches,¬†DJ¬†Shadow¬†with his ability to apply hip-hop production techniques to classic pop and soul recordings.

Be The Bear¬†is a one-woman industry ‚Äď a fiercely¬†independent¬†female artist and producer, writing and¬†recording her own songs in her commercial studio in Gothenburg has just released her new single ‚ÄėErupt‚Äô.

Here’s the remix, stick with it, it’s a belter.


Be The Bear¬†‚ÄstErupt (Pablo Nouvelle Remix)

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