Trey Songz – Trigga Reloaded

516SngxcF1L._SL1425_Trey Songz or Tremaine Aldon Neverson as he was born keeps trying to put out the same album. Every release is another version of a typical R&B sex jam. With Trigga Reloaded he is not really fooling anyone anymore, is he? Yes, the production values are good. But it is filled with one been there heard that hook after another. The fact that it is a rerelease of something he did less than a year prior makes it all that much more annoying. Just four songs different from that one are to be found on Reloaded. The original Trigga did not do well on the charts. Really a head scratcher. Here is an artist who is not up to the standards set by The Weeknd or Drake nevermind Kendrick Lamar. Though there are a few nice moments to be found it is not nearly enough.

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