As it is Fantasia film festival time it is appropriate to delve into a genre film like Southbound. What Fantasia does well is select a wide variety of genre films. And good ones at that. It makes your standards high and as a result you become less tolerant of below average films like Southbound.

91iCwxxlRGL._SL1500_There is good in almost every film, so I will begin with the good. Setting a film along a desolate stretch of highway is a good start. Ups the creepy factor when location is remote and not a lot of help is around for those who find themselves in “trouble”. It was also cool how the four directors, Roxanne Benjamin, Radio Silence, David Bruckner, and Patrick Horvath, wove together five different stories that happen in the same area. Also some of the stories feature monsters that are quite creepy and original.

As for the bad, there are points where the five parts feel rushed. Like they took too long on certain aspects and then, having only a certain amount of time, hurried the endings. Very frustrating. Not much is fleshed out which does not allow you to truly immerse yourself into what is going on. That cuts off at the knees the atmosphere of horror they are trying to create. At a certain point I began to wish there were fewer stories so each could be gone into in more depth.

Two men are stopped at a gas station on a desolate stretch of road. One is covered in blood. When they try to leave the gas station they find they cannot as they always return to it. Some black, creepy demons seem to be after them. Next three young women, who are members of a band heading to their next gig, get a flat tire along that same stretch of highway. The only car that comes by is a couple who tell them there are no garages around, but offer them a lift. Next happening is a man who hits a young girl with his car. First he deals with the desire to flee as the road it happens on is desolate. Next is a man who is looking for his missing sister. It winds up with the prequel to why the two first men were on the run.

Special Features:


-Deleted Scenes Reel

-Outtakes Reel

-Photo Gallery

-Previews of Creep and Manson Family Vacation

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