Lorde – Melodrama

71szcqRX6cL._SL1200_The sophomore album from New Zealand’s Lorde was worth the wait. It also goes a long way towards proving that she is around for the long haul in the music business. When such a young musician attains such success music fans collectively hold their breaths hoping that they don’t burn out. Melodrama shows that she is a true artist using music as her therapy and as such it probably is not going to stop any time soon. Amidst the 11 tracks contained here you will find plenty of heightened emotion, or as she has warned us, melodrama. There is heartbreak, loneliness and emptiness to be found aplenty. The combo of being young and an artist has resulted in her feeling things rather deeply. Which adds up to good music for us! She talks to young people on this album. The young can relate to the feelings of love and subsequent break-ups. It all seems rather earth shattering at the time. It takes plenty of talent to be able to write and record an album like this and not have it be grating. Lorde has talent. That is obvious. Not only has she gone through things in life, but her sound has evolved as any young artitst’s should. What has remained is her ability to keep her music unique sounding. Distinctive. It is an album in which it will be hard to list your favourites as they are all good. You will not be skipping any tracks.

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