boss season 1This is Kelsey Grammer’s return to television after his not so successful run with Back To You. This time he plays the mayor of Chicago, the hard-nosed Tom Kane. The people of Chicago don’t seem to care how he gets the job done. Whether it is with a bribe, scandal or trickery as long as Kane keeps the city moving they have agreed to overlook his office’s unsavoury way. Kane’s job is made all that much more difficult by something that is his biggest secret.  He has a Lewy-body dementia that is affecting his memory and he finds himself second guessing every move he makes.

Episode 1: Listen: Chicago’s mayor Tom Kane (played by Kelsey Grammer) has just found out that he has a degenerative brain disease and tries against all odds to keep it a secret.

Episode 2: Reflex: During the heated governor’s race, Meredith (played by Connie Nielsen) finds out something that leads her to believe that Mayor Kane has a secret.

Episode 3: Swallow: Kane’s condition continues to cause him problems as he tries to rule the city of Chicago with an iron fist and devoid of any apparent limits.

Episode 4: Slip: His supporters begin losing confidence in Kane and his integrity is called into question.

Episode 5: Remembered: A secret from his past comes to light while Kane and his team go into damage control.

Episode 6: Spit: Tom, during a particularly low time politically, takes a break in order to visit an old friend.

Episode 7: Stasis: Meredith and Zajac (played by Jeffrey Hephner), sensing his weakness, both make a play against Mayor Kane.

Episode 8: Choose: It is Election Day and everyone is waiting for the results with bated breath.

Special Features: The Mayor and His Maker