The Machinist tells the tale of an insomniac who starts seeing things that no one else sees and fears he’s being haunted. At first Trevor Reznik seems almost normal except for the fact that he doesn’t sleep and that he looks like a concentration camp inmate. Only when he mistakenly causes a grisly accident at the machine shop do the pieces start to really fall apart. The waitress at the airport diner he goes to see every night, his workmates, his loving prostitute friend, even his aging landlady seem to be in on the joke. But of course it is no joke, more like a mounting paranoia that erupts into the occasional meltdown.

the machinistSo this isn’t quite a comedy. But its Kafkaesque sense of the machinations that drive our worldviews is supremely done. Scott Kosar who has written remakes of The Amityville Horror and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre provided the original screenplay for the Machinist.

Christian Bale (American Psycho, Batman Begins) went to extremes for his performance as Trevor Reznik slimming down to 120 pounds and delivering a superb performance alongside Jennifer Jason-Leigh.

Special Features:

-Manifesting the Machinist
-8 Deleted Scenes
-The Machinist: Breaking the Rules
-Commentary by director Brad Anderson
-Theatrical Trailer
-The Machinist: Hiding in Plain Sight