The Royals Panics – The Royal Panics

the royal panicsHigh energy retro rock is what you get once you start listening to The Royal Panics’ debut album. The San Francisco based trio, made up of Grey Hoy on vocals and guitar, Mark Nichoson on bass and Dennis Galway on drums, have honed in on the fact that being melodic is essential no matter which musical genre you land on. A melange of old school garage and punk is what they are all about but they have layered in catchy riffs. Big crunching guitar and Hoy’s full-throated voice will spur you on to listen to more. You’ll often think of bands like The Clash, The Jam and The Kinks while listening to this album. The production and songwriting stand out here as strong. It is the type of music you put on before you go out to get yourself pumped up. You will not feel like the “Sucker of the Century” (title of the lead off track) for purchasing their music.

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