Arctic Tale – Blu-ray Edition

Any type of arctic animal seems to be popular with filmmakers nowadays. Though this National Geographic production has nary a penguin in it the walrus and the polar bear figure prominently. We follow several years in the lives of a family of polar bears and a family of walruses. Besides the requisite ‘cute’ moments when they are just wee ones we are given an in-depth look into the trials and tribulations that animals living in the Arctic regions face. We don’t only learn about the day to day survival of these beautiful animals but we also learn how humans are impacting their lives in the long term. And this is mostly in a negative way.

Global warming is a term that has become a buzz word lately with Al Gore’s film and the like. We are being shown more and more often how our wasteful ways are impacting the animal kingdom and our entire planet’s survival. The lives of walruses and polar bears are rough enough having to live in the Arctic regions, but we’ve made their dependence on the ice precarious and their food supplies harder to get at. Nanu is a female polar cub and Seela is a female baby walrus. We follow them practically from birth through their maturation process and finally on to when they become independent adult creatures. We see throughout their lives that the ice kingdom that they depend on for shelter and food is melting away and their survival is becoming more and more difficult as a result.

arctic taleThough adults will learn much from the film it is aimed at a young audience with Queen Latifah’s easy breezy narration often directed at youngins’. It is easy to understand and full of plenty of cute moments. There are some scary moments, but hey, that’s life in the animal kingdom. At the very end of the film a number of young people come onscreen and tell us many ways that we can lessen our impact on the climate and natural environment. And all these ways are simple and doable, so stay during the credits. The film is touching and beautifully shot. You really feel like you get to know these animals and their habits during the eight years that we follow them around. An important film for parents to take their kids to as it will enlighten them, entertain them and educate them. It is a must that we start to behave more as responsible residents of this planet and where better to start than with the education of our younger generations?

Special Features:

– Making Of Arctic Tale
– Are We There Yet?: World Adventure: Polar Bear Spotting

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