Katy Perry The Movie: Part of Me – Blu-ray Edition

Don’t be expecting a concert video.  While there are some performance snippets (Peacock, California Gurls, Hot ‘N Cold, Last Friday Night, I Kissed a Girl) from Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour from 2011 the bulk of this film is done documentary style.  We get an edited (c’mon people, everything is edited) bird’s eye view of Katy Perry’s rise to the top and last year’s tour. Some of the moments are funny (how she cannot dance) while some are poignant (her break up with husband Russell Brand during the middle of the tour).

katy perry part of meThough Perry is one of the biggest pop stars on the globe right now I did not know that much about her going into the film.  The Movie Part of Me filled that void.  We learn that she was not an overnight success as many have thought.  Rather she moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 and bounced around for 4 long years before achieving any commercial success.  Another thing that struck me was how hard she works.  During the course of 2011 it seems like the girl never had a down moment.  On the road for hundreds of days, doing interviews, meet and greets, and trying to keep her marriage together, Katy Perry throws herself fully into whatever she takes on.

What does shine through at all moments is how energetic and likeable Katy Perry is.  So likeable that whether you like her music or not, you either want to hang with her (ok, maybe not on the road as that looked completely draining) or hug her when life is going bad.  Despite all the nonsense involved in the world of stars it seems like she has been able to remain herself and genuine.

Special Features:

-“Last Friday Night” Full Concert Performance

-“Waking Up in Vegas” Full Concert Performance

-Grandma: “Thinking of You”

-The Grammys You’ll Never Take Away From Me

-California Dreams Tour: Behind the Scenes

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