Summer Festival Season in Montreal Continues with Fierte

fierte 20172For its 375th birthday the city of Montreal has shown off all its diversity for all to see. Continuing along that vein will be the 18th annual Fierte festival. Running from August 10 – 20, it will involve all kinds of shows, events and activities. This festival is no small potatoes as around 2.3 million attendees are expected. Most importantly it will show the world that Montreal is a place which champions the rights of the LGBTQ community.

As one might expect the variety makes it a festival that will appeal to all. There will be shows, concerts, dancing, food, films, and sports. Activities to highlight include: a full weekend of sporting events, a three day conference on the advancement of LGBTQ rights, a gourmet food market, Canada Pride House, Mado’s 30th, and, of course, the iconic Pride Parade. Check out the schedule which is online at

Additional Information:

-Dates:  August 10-20, 2018



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